What is HubSpot?

HubSpot for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses


HubSpot is a comprehensive platform that offers a suite of tools tailored for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to enhance their marketing, sales, and customer service efforts. It’s known for its scalability, allowing businesses to start with basic tools and gradually upgrade to more advanced features as their needs grow. HubSpot’s user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities make it a popular choice among SMBs looking to streamline their operations and improve customer engagement.

HubSpot Subscription Tiers

HubSpot’s subscription model includes four main tiers: Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. Each tier is designed to cater to businesses at different stages of growth and with varying budget constraints.

Free: The Free tier is perfect for businesses just starting out. It includes essential tools such as email marketing, forms, contact management, and basic CRM functionalities. Users can create up to 2,000 emails per month and access basic reporting features. While limited in scope, the Free tier provides a solid foundation for businesses to begin their digital marketing efforts without any initial investment.

Starter: Starting at $50 per month, the Starter tier builds on the Free version by offering more advanced features like marketing automation, goal tracking, and ad retargeting. It’s ideal for small businesses looking to expand their marketing reach and efficiency. This tier includes features like custom properties, simple automation, and email and in-app chat support. The Starter tier is a cost-effective solution for businesses aiming to grow their audience and improve customer engagement.

Professional: Priced at $800 per month, the Professional tier includes all Starter features plus advanced marketing automation, A/B testing, SEO recommendations, and more robust analytics. This tier is suitable for medium-sized businesses that need more sophisticated tools to manage and analyze their marketing campaigns. It also includes enhanced automation workflows, custom reporting, smart content, and integration with Salesforce. The Professional tier empowers businesses to create more personalized and effective marketing strategies.

Enterprise: Starting at $3,200 per month, the Enterprise tier offers all Professional features plus additional customization options, predictive lead scoring, advanced reporting, and dedicated support. This tier is designed for larger businesses with complex needs and significant marketing budgets. It includes advanced features like multi-touch revenue attribution, single sign-on, custom objects, and a sandbox environment for testing. The Enterprise tier provides the highest level of flexibility and support, making it ideal for businesses with intricate marketing and sales operations.

Deep Dive into Different Hubs

HubSpot’s platform is divided into distinct “Hubs” that focus on different aspects of business operations, each offering a suite of specialized tools.

Marketing Hub: The Marketing Hub is designed to attract visitors and convert them into leads. It includes tools for email marketing, social media management, SEO recommendations, content management, and marketing automation. Key features include landing pages, blog creation, lead tracking, and detailed analytics. The Marketing Hub enables businesses to execute comprehensive marketing campaigns, optimize content for search engines, and engage with their audience through various channels.

Sales Hub: The Sales Hub helps sales teams close deals faster by providing tools like email tracking, meeting scheduling, sales automation, pipeline management, and advanced reporting. It includes features like deal tracking, sales forecasting, and customizable sales pipelines. The Sales Hub enables sales teams to manage their contacts, automate repetitive tasks, and gain insights into their sales performance, allowing them to focus on closing deals and building relationships with prospects.

Service Hub: The Service Hub focuses on improving customer service by offering tools for ticketing, live chat, knowledge base creation, customer feedback surveys, and help desk automation. It includes features like customer feedback tools, support ticketing, and reporting dashboards. The Service Hub helps businesses provide exceptional customer support, resolve issues quickly, and measure customer satisfaction. It also integrates with other HubSpot tools to provide a seamless customer experience.

CMS Hub: The CMS Hub is for website management and offers a drag-and-drop editor, SEO recommendations, multi-language content, and dynamic content personalization. Key features include website themes, blog creation, and content staging. The CMS Hub enables businesses to create and manage their websites with ease, optimize them for search engines, and deliver personalized experiences to visitors. It also includes security features like SSL, web application firewall, and custom domain support.

Operations Hub: The Operations Hub provides tools for data synchronization, programmable automation, data quality automation, and custom reporting. It includes features like workflow automation, data sync, and custom properties. The Operations Hub helps businesses streamline their operations, ensure data accuracy, and automate routine tasks. It integrates with various third-party apps to provide a unified view of business data and improve overall efficiency.

Relevant Certifications

HubSpot offers several certifications that help individuals and teams understand and leverage the platform’s capabilities effectively. These certifications are valuable for marketing, sales, and service professionals looking to enhance their skills and improve their proficiency with HubSpot’s tools.

Inbound Marketing Certification: This certification covers the basics of inbound marketing and how to implement it using HubSpot. It includes modules on content creation, social media promotion, and lead nurturing. The certification helps professionals understand how to attract, engage, and delight customers through inbound marketing strategies.

HubSpot Marketing Software Certification: This certification provides in-depth knowledge of HubSpot’s marketing tools and how to use them to run effective campaigns. It covers topics like email marketing, social media, and analytics. The certification helps professionals learn how to create, execute, and measure marketing campaigns using HubSpot’s software.

HubSpot Sales Software Certification: This certification focuses on using HubSpot’s sales tools to manage pipelines and close deals efficiently. It includes modules on contact management, deal tracking, and sales automation. The certification helps sales professionals understand how to use HubSpot’s tools to streamline their sales process and improve productivity.

Service Hub Software Certification: This certification teaches how to use the Service Hub to improve customer support and satisfaction. It covers topics like ticketing, live chat, and customer feedback. The certification helps service professionals learn how to provide exceptional customer service using HubSpot’s tools.

HubSpot CMS for Marketers Certification: This certification focuses on managing and optimizing a website using HubSpot’s CMS. It includes modules on website design, SEO, and content personalization. The certification helps marketers learn how to create and manage effective websites that drive traffic and conversions.

Inbound Sales Certification: This certification covers the principles of inbound sales and how to apply them using HubSpot’s tools. It includes modules on prospecting, qualifying leads, and closing deals. The certification helps sales professionals understand how to attract, engage, and delight customers through inbound sales strategies.


HubSpot’s tiered subscriptions and specialized hubs provide SMBs with a range of tools to manage and grow their business. From the Free tier to the Enterprise tier, businesses can choose a plan that fits their needs and budget. Each Hub offers tools tailored to specific business functions, helping businesses attract visitors, convert leads, close deals, and provide exceptional customer service. HubSpot’s certifications offer valuable training to maximize the platform’s potential, ensuring businesses can effectively use the tools to achieve their goals.

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